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Protect your family the eco-friendly way.

Switch to Safe and Effective household cleaners derived from natural ingredients.

No Harmful Chemicals

No Pungent Smell

No Allergic Reactions

Products that clean are not always safe for your family.

Why conventional home cleaning products can be harmful to you?

Toxic Chemicals

Most cleaners contain toxic chemicals. This can be extremely harmful to your health in the long run. It is not biodegradable and can pollute the environment.

Allergic Reactions

Chemical cleaners are known to trigger allergic reactions as small as a sneeze to something as serious as an Asthma attack.

Unsafe for Babies & pets

Floors and glass surfaces wiped with harsh chemicals are 100% not safe for infants, toddlers and pets.

Corrosive Nature

Harsh chemicals found in usual home cleaners reduce the natural shine and polish of surfaces like marble/ granite, over a period of time.

Not safe for skin

Common properties of contact with skin include harsh, brittle feeling that could be toxic in nature.

What makes vooki great for your home AND your family?

  • Green Chemistry: Say hello to next generation surfactants derived from natural sources like sugar & essential oil that are skin safe and biodegradable.
  • No Harsh Chemicals like acid, ammonia or bleach are used in making this product. We only use earth-friendly and human-safe ingredients.
  • Ecologically Safe as they are made from a safer bio-degradable formula.
  • Effective Formula - vooki’s formula has no heavy metal and yet is very effective on germs. It is tested against anti-microbes: EN 1276:2019
  • Skin-Friendly - vooki products are dermatologically tested under IS 4011:1997 and are completely skin-friendly.
  • pH Balanced - vooki has the right pH balance. This means unlike traditional acidic or alkaline solutions, Vooki removes tough stains without damaging the surface, skin and the planet.

Get vooki’s Best Hygienic Products

1 vooki Eco Friendly Floor+Hard Surface Cleaner (500 ml)

Naturally-derived surfactants stir up activity on the floor surface to trap and remove dirt. Suitable for all hard surfaces like glass, marble, shiny polished floor and granite.

Rs. 199.00

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1 vooki Streak-Free Shine Glass + Smooth Surface Cleaner (500ml)

Provides streak-free shine on glass & smooth surface with instant action on dirt, greese & grime. Skin-friendly, pH neutral formula that is 100% Ammonia free!

Rs. 199.00

Save upto Rs.219 by purchasing combo pack
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1 vooki 100 Flush Protection Toilet Bowl Cleaner (500ml)

Made with 100% bio-degradable and human-friendly green chemicals. Provides stain-resistant protection for up to 100 flushes*. It has no fumes and does not give out a pungent smell

Rs. 199.00

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1 vooki Household Hard Stains Spray + Wipe (500 ml)

A Powerful Skin-safe Cleaner for hard & tough stains like kitchen oil stains, food stains, heavy grease, permanent marker, etc.

Rs. 249.00

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1 vooki Electronic Components Cleaner (500 ml)

A distinct formula for electric/electronic components that dries instantly, leaves no residue, and makes the components immune to other foreign particles.

Rs. 249.00

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1 vooki Germ Shield - Disinfectant Spray With 14 Days Protection (500 ml)

Vooki Germ Shield is a High performance disinfection shield that works on auto pilot mode, round the clock for 14 days, consistently defending & killing germs.

Rs. 399.00

Save upto Rs.219 by purchasing combo pack
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Become a forerunner of eco-friendly made-in-india products!

Every day, while we clean our home, we expose ourselves to toxic chemicals, most of which are proven carcinogens and allergens. vooki provides a range of natural cleaning products built on the belief that you should not have to choose between what’s effective, what’s safe for you, and what’s good for the planet. By purchasing vooki, you will make a massive positive impact on your health and that of the planet.

Make the switch. It’s time you took action!

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